[Guide] How to Install Custom ROMs (EU ROM,etc.), GApps, Fonts, Tweaks, Xposed and any flashable tweaks


Always create backup or copy of your files in another storage or pc/laptop to prevent accidental data loss during the procedures posted here.

This guide is provided as is with no warranty or whatsoever. The author is not to be held liable for any damage that might occur to your unit. Follow at your own risk.

Guide posted here requires unlocked bootloader. Unlocking your bootloader will void your warranty. If you don’t know what a bootloader means and how bootlader status might affect your phone, read here: Blog Link

via TWRP custom recovery


  1. Battery charge atleast 50%
  2. Your phone (Mi4c)
  4. Flashable zip file (e.g. ROM zip, GApps zip, Xposed zip, Font zip, Tweak zip, etc.)
  5. TWRP recovery installed

For MIUI 8 Nougat Custom ROMs: Blog Link

For Nougat firmware based Custom ROMs: Blog Link


  • [Optional] If you are flashing CyanogenMod or LineageOS based custom ROMs like AOSP, LineageOS, Resurrection Remix, Android Ice Cold Project, Mokee, etc. You might want to add Google functionality by flashing GoogleApps (gapps)
    • Browse OpenGApps
    • Download the needed package
    • For Mi4c:
      • Choose arm64
      • Choose the android version of the ROM
      • Choose either nano (pico package + google app) or pico (google play & services only)
    • Download the package zip file then flash it thru TWRPusing steps below
    • Flash it AFTER flashing the ROM


  1. Move/copy the flashable zip file in the root of your internal storage
    1. You can also use OTG flash drive to locate flashable zip files in TWRP
  2. Shutdown your phone
  3. Reboot to TWRP recovery by pressing Power + Volume up until Mi Logo appears, then release those buttons
  4. Once in TWRP recovery follow the steps below
  5. [Optional] If you are flashing new custom ROM, different ROM from your current ROM, ROM with different Android version from your current ROM or you just want a more bugfree ROM, you might want to perform factory reset
    1. Wipe > Swipe slider to perform factory reset
    2. Once done, choose Back to main menu
  6. Choose Install > then locate the flashable zip file
    1. Choose either internal storage or USB OTG, where you placed the flashable file
  7. Swipe slider to flash >  Wipe cache/dalvik > Swipe to wipe
  8. Press back button until you are on main menu
  9. Reboot > System
  10. Congratulations! You have now flashed a Custom ROM, GApps, xposed, font, etc.

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