[Guide] Fix App Link redirects to Mi App store

Still using Official China ROMs? There might be instances that you want download that Google app you have seen in an advertisement or linked in a post, but always open the Mi App store instead of opening Google Playstore? Following this guide might fix that problem.


  • UC Browser (not mini)
  • China ROMs (Stable/Development)
  • Google Apps installed
  • How to Install Google Apps on China ROMs: Document Link


Non Rooted Users

Method 1

  • Download UC Browser from Playstore.
  • Go to Settings > Installed Apps > Defaults > Browser > UC Browser
    • Other browsers might also work, try them if you want

Method 2

  • Download UC Browser from Playstore.
  • Copy the Playstore app link, paste it on UC Browser address bar, then press enter. It should automatically open the app linked in Google Playstore.

Method 3 (Not working for some)

  • Enable Developer Mode by tapping MIUI version multiple times.
  • Then go to Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Mode > MIUI Optimization > Turn it off.

Rooted Users


Do not uninstall/delete your Mi App Store or else your device might enter in bootloop.

Method 1

  • Just freeze App Store using Titanium Backup, Lucky Patcher, Link2SD, ROM Toolbox or similar apps.
  • Google Playstore should now open when you click on a Playstore link.



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